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    Let’s begin with some introductions:

    1) What is your current caregiver role? (For example: “I take care of my elderly mother.”)

    2) What do you find the most difficult about being a caregiver? (For example: “It is mentally and emotionally challenging to see my mother’s health decline,” or, “It is hard to take my mother to her doctor’s appointments and manage my own work schedule.”

    3) What resources have you found that are helpful? (For example: “The list of weblinks on the Caregivers of DC website are helpful when needing extra help with managing my mother’s increased medical costs.”

    4) What have you found rewarding or surprisingly positive about caring for an aging loved one? (For example: “I have found that having a sense of humor sometimes helps in difficult times,” or, “I have found my voice as an advocate for my mother’s health needs.”

    5) What do you hope to gain from engaging with this community of caregivers? (For example: “I hope to feel not alone in my caregiver journey.”)

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