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    1) As a caregiver, in what areas do you need help? What topics create questions for you? (For example: questions about medical appointments, questions about legal matters, questions about financial situations).

    2) What links have you found helpful from the Caregivers of DC website?

    3) What support groups, either through The Life Center or other organizations/churches, have you found to be a resource?

    4) Are there any other resources within the community that you’ve used and found helpful as a caregiver?


    Fortunately, I have never been a caregiver but I have been the recipient of help from my wife when I had cancer.

    I think the hardest parts for us during the situation was keeping information about appointments organized and the financial ramifications of having a severe illness.

    The website has a great deal of resources that can be utilized and all are excellent organizations.

    Although, I didn’t participate in the support group at The Life Center, I know they provide an ideal environment. Also, Cancer Services of Davidson County is great at providing specific advice for cancer patients.

    This website is a fantastic step toward having more information for caregivers in Davidson County

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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